Facility and Studio Rentals

 pracownia witraze dzieciola zdjecia wnetrza


Our Studio has full technical facilities needed to carry out most advanced and complex projects. As the one of the best glass studios in Poland, we are ready to share our space, equipment and knowledge with artists willing to produce their works here. We can guarantee our support and friendly work atmosphere.


The strongest part of our offer is an experienced team of people. Renowned glass designers - Paweł Przyrowski and Tomasz Tuszko, experienced in art glass techniques architect Teresa Tuszko and our technicians - they all will be here to help you with the implementation of your project. The world of glass art has no secrets for them. They will share with you experience gained over the years of working in the proffesion.


We offer our support in:

- project preparation (in Photoshop, Corel, or in traditional techniques). We help with the choice of technique, most suitable for your project.

- art glass decorating (painting with ceramic paints or enamels, screen printing, sandblasting etc.)

- glass processing (heat treatment, cutting, bending, grilling holes etc.)


We provide access to all our tools and equipement.

You'll find here probably everything you need to create your own glass piece:

- big windowed and well-lit workspace, adapted for large-scale projects.

- large glazing (6 x 6 meters) with easels and scaffoldings for painting stained glass windows.

- 5 furnaces for firing and melting glass in the following dimensions (in meters): 1.5 x 3.0; 1.5 x 2.5; 1.2 x 2.0; 1.0 x 2.0; 0.4 x 0.4

- a separate sandblasting room with a specialist abrasive blasting cabinet

- well stocked glass storage with many types of glass

- movable racks, trolleys, hoists - adapted for storage, display, transport of glass

- air paint spray guns, airbrushes - mechanical ventilation with dust removal

- manual tools for glass grinding, drilling and sawing


Terms of cooperation

We are ready to share with you all the above mentioned tools and services and to give you our time and attention. However, our availability depends on our undergoing projects, their scale and priority. Therefore we'd like to ask you to notify us at least a month in advance, to make sure we'll be able to host you in our Studio.

The cost of Studio rental will be priced individually. The price for using a glass furnace depends on its size. One firing costs varies from 120 EUR to 200 EUR. This price includes 2 hours of preparatory work and the time of individual kiln loading. Fee for extra time - 35 EUR/ hour. Materials priced according to its consumption. Technical support, if needed - additional 35 EUR / hour / person. We offer our support and consulting, but unfortunately we are not able to provide full A to Z trainings.