Art glass designed by renowned artists

designing of stained and art glass

We solve problems related with the realisation - both atistic and technical. Our designers deal wiith the glass for over 30 years, day by day.

We gladly share our experience, we will suggest the most suitable solutions, we will contact you with the skilled master-craftsman working with steel, stone and wood, collaborating with us, when needed. We make stained glass conservation ourselves, we can also suggest how to solve the problems with the conservation of a art work of other kind.

Gallery of works

Unique glass works

We execute the works from the flat, bent and 3D shaped glass.:

  • windows and door elements
  • partitions
  • frameless glass doors
  • screens
  • ceilings, plafonds
  • glass stair steps
  • shields
  • furniture inlays (e.g. tops, doors) and the individual glass furniture
  • small pieces to be hanged in the window (suncatchers)
  • lampshades
  • sculptures
  • and so on - there is the immense quantity of possibillities.
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