Art glass

01 March 2014

Doors, partitions, windows, balustrades - each of them unique, idividually designed, suiting tho the interior, executed from the safe and durable fused glass.

Gallery of art glass made in our StudioOffer of design and execution of art glass

Fused glass is the modern way of forming the glass panels, that perfectly fits the modern interiors. Fused glass playes with colour, translucency, texture. Glass panels may be flat or 3D shaped. The glass elements can serve as doors, partitions, windows, balustrades, plafonds, shower-booth elements... Fused glass panels may decorate, introduce additional light, divade space of the residential or public (eg. restaurant, office, hotel) interior. Additionaly scylpted, sandblasted or enamelled may serve as the media of information (logo), or just constitute free artistic forms. The fused glass techniue is featured by its uniqueness - each panel, each object is an unique creation.


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